At ReadReact Hockey, our philosophy is

“Your team is only as good as the      skill of the players.”


All across Minnesota the best teams are definitely the most skilled teams!  ReadReact Hockey has an complete understanding of this and puts the focus on the individual skills a student needs to perform at the highest level. We have a history of turning C players into A or B1 players.  This simple fact tells us that skill is King.  Please join us for a FUN and FOCUSED training experience!

To book lessons, please click the link below. We are now booking through Upper Hand Managed Sports. Please be sure to create a sub-profile for your child if you have not done so already and verify all information is correct before booking!

Clinics and Private Lessons Canceled due to COVID-19.

In accordance with the Emergency Executive Order 20-04 issued by Governor Walz, ReadReact Hockey will be cancelling all Spring Clinics and Private Lessons after 5PM on March 17th and extending through March 27th. We are looking to rebook lessons and clinic days that have been impacted by this. Please be patient as we work to reach out to everyone. We will update everyone as we are updated ourselves. Thank you. 


We are trying out FaceTime private lessons! The kids need a stick, a ball, and some space to work on stickhandling. If you have a large area we can also work on shooting techniques. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out. I am starting with limited hours to see how this goes! Sign up for times through upperhand under AT HOME PRIVATE LESSONS!

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