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dryland training

with nicole king

What is Dryland Training?

Dryland training is a form of athletic training for those who compete in sports that aren't practiced on land, i.e. swimming, ice skating, diving, horseback riding. These athlete's complete workouts on land that will benefit their sporting performance. 


The goal of any athlete is to increase strength, coordination, stamina, speed and flexibility. At ReadReact Hockey our dryland training is focused on specific workout routines that will help hockey players achieve their personal workout goals. 

core program





strength training


Every time an athlete comes in they will have their own training book, which they will be responsible for recording their workouts and progress in. This helps the athlete develop sustainable, healthy lifestyle habits. 


Keeping muscles healthy is essential in athletes, so there will be a focus on instruction on how to properly roll-out muscles to keep them functioning and healthy using foam rollers.

who am i?

nicole king

 Certified personal trainer

As a NASM certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist, my focus is on self-awareness and empowerment with purposeful resistance training.  A solid program purposefully designed and executed will help your hockey player reach their goals and increase their self-awareness of the idea that they CAN be ALL that they want to be.


To view my credentials and learn a little more about me, please click below!

More About Me
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