rrh private lessons will be back on the ice beginning may, 18th!
all lessons will be held on the lumberyard's small sheet!


  • We ask that athletes are dressed at least from the bottoms down before they come into the building. We would prefer all gear except for skates. We realize this will be harder for goalies - so everything but pads and skates would be great. 

  • One athlete on the ice at a time UNLESS they are siblings. 

  • There will be a chair next to the ice for you to dress at. 

  • ALL RRH families are asked to use the back (WEST) entrance. 

  • We ask that parents only stay if necessary or if you have young children, otherwise please run some errands or wait in the parking lot.

  • All lessons that are scheduled for one-hour increments will be 50 mins as we now will need time to sanitize common items and areas and wash hands between players. All lessons that are scheduled for 30 mins will be 20 mins for the same reasons. We realize for the older athletes that is not a lot of time, however younger mite athletes would still benefit from this amount of time. 


Athletes who purchase 10 pks will book the first lesson when you pay, and you will then receive a coupon code for the remaining 9 lessons to book at your convenience. 

Don't Forget! We have a members area (top right button). In the member area, you have the convenience of rescheduling lessons when something pops up!

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