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season updates: 02/02/2022

Wings athletes and parents! We have ice schedules mostly set, working on a few final adjustments and then we will release to parents/guardians. 

Jersey's have been ordered and we are working to set up an apparel store for the upcoming season. More details to come. 

Readreact Hockey is excited to announce that we will be offering a AAA Boys Hockey program for the 2022 season!

RRH will offer a high level skill-focused development program that will carry athletes through the summer season and into the start of their winter season. Our emphasis is on moving players onto higher winter teams. ReadReact Hockey worked with 6 players that were drafted into the NHL, this past season. Our reputation stands on it’s own and our commitment to our players is a priority.

While our attention will be on skills and performance, our passion has been and will always be, for the players. Fostering the love of the game, encouraging good sportsmanship on and off the ice, and ensuring that every athlete has a great experience. 

season information 

ReadReact Wings will offer 50 hours of practice time and 4 tournaments. 

Season Timeline: 

Practice will start the first week of April and run through the end of May. Teams will pick back up in mid-July and run through the end of August. 

Practice Hours: 

  • 20 hours full-ice team development

  • 20 hours small group skill development

  • 10-15 hours off-ice skill development

At RRH, we believe that focusing on individual athletes is key to furthering skill development. By utilizing small groups we are able to work closer with our athletes to fine-tune their skills and better understand their personalities and goals. This is VERY different from how other organizations operate, and we are confident in our ability to create stronger players and teams using this method. 

Small Groups:

  • 4-5 players max

  • 2 goalies max*

* Goalies will receive goalie specific training during small group, full ice and off-ice.


Two tournaments will take place in the spring and two in August. Tournaments will be local unless and invite team is created, then there may be an opportunity for an away tournament.


Jerseys will be included in the cost of the season.

Season Cost: $2200